Runners: Great for Industrial and Pallet Design Applications

Runners: Great for Industrial and Pallet Design Applications


In the dynamic world of industrial manufacturing and logistics, the need for reliable and efficient materials is paramount. PlyVeneer Runners are engineered to meet these demands, offering unparalleled strength, lightweight construction, and customization to suit a variety of applications. From plywood manufacturing to innovative pallet designs, our runners ensure products are securely supported and transported, minimizing the risk of damage and enhancing workflow efficiency.

Product Features

Vertically Laminated for Durability

Our PlyVeneer runners are constructed with vertically laminated corrugated strips, a method chosen for its superior strength and resilience under pressure. This technique not only ensures durability but also maintains the lightweight nature of the runners, which is critical in reducing physical strain during manual handling and lowering transportation costs.

Customizable Dimensions for Specific Needs

We understand that each manufacturing setup has unique needs. PlyVeneer offers fully customizable runners, allowing clients to specify dimensions and select materials that best fit their specific applications. Whether for small-scale operations or large industrial processes, our runners are tailored to provide the perfect fit.

Lightweight Design for Enhanced Safety

The lightweight nature of our PlyVeneer runners is integral to their design. Lighter materials mean easier handling, which reduces the risk of workplace injuries associated with moving and installing heavy runners. This feature is particularly beneficial in environments where worker safety is paramount.


Why Choose PlyVeneer Runners?

Choosing PlyVeneer Runners means opting for a product that brings numerous benefits to your operations. Our runners are designed not only to protect your goods but also to streamline your processes. With PlyVeneer, expect a reduction in overall freight costs, enhanced protection of goods from damages during transit, and a boost in operational efficiency through quicker and safer handling.


Material: High-strength, vertically laminated corrugated strips

Applications: Suitable for plywood manufacturing, OSB, MDF production, laminating industries, and lightweight pallet design

Duty Ratings: Available in light, medium, and heavy-duty configurations to suit various load-bearing requirements

Customization: Tailor dimensions and material choices to match specific operational needs

Customization Options

At PlyVeneer, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet the unique demands of our clients. Our runners can be completely customized in terms of size, material, and duty rating. Whether you need a lighter option for easy maneuverability or a heavy-duty runner capable of supporting substantial weights, we have the capability to engineer products that meet your exact specifications.

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