PlyVeneer®: The Ultimate Packaging Solution

PlyVeneer®: The Ultimate Packaging Solution


PlyVeneer® represents a breakthrough in the packaging industry, providing a strong, lightweight alternative that simplifies shipping and handling processes. Made from a wood veneer with a Kraft linerboard overlay, PlyVeneer® offers a durable, versatile substrate that is more robust than traditional corrugated products and lighter than plywood or OSB. Ideal for businesses looking to minimize shipping costs without sacrificing protection, PlyVeneer® ensures your items are securely packaged and protected during transit.

Product Features

Enhanced Durability and Lightness

PlyVeneer® combines the strength of wood veneer with the lightweight properties of Kraft linerboard, creating a packaging material that is both sturdy and easy to handle. This unique combination makes it superior to heavier alternatives like plywood, enabling easier and more cost-effective transportation.

Versatile Application

Thanks to its flexible nature, PlyVeneer® can be easily routed and folded, making it highly adaptable for various packaging needs. It can serve as a robust cover sheet to protect goods in transit or be transformed into custom packaging shapes, providing excellent protection where it’s needed most.

Multi-functional Fastening Options

With the ability to be nailed, stapled, screwed, and glued, PlyVeneer® offers unparalleled versatility in assembly and application. This adaptability makes it a go-to solution for a wide range of packaging requirements, from industrial shipping to retail packaging.


Why Choose PlyVeneer®?

Opting for PlyVeneer® brings several compelling advantages to your packaging operations:

Cost Efficiency: Its lightweight nature significantly reduces shipping costs by lowering the overall freight weight.

Enhanced Protection: Offers superior strength and durability, ensuring that your products are well-protected against impacts and pressures of shipping.

Environmental Impact: Using lighter materials like PlyVeneer® can also contribute to reduced carbon emissions during transport.


Material: Wood veneer laminated with Kraft linerboard

Customization: Easily customizable through routing and folding to fit various packaging dimensions and shapes

Applications: Ideal for use as cover sheets, custom packaging solutions, and more

Fastening Options: Can be nailed, stapled, screwed, and glued

Customization Options

PlyVeneer® is designed to meet the specific needs of your packaging requirements. Our team can customize the size, shape, and finish of PlyVeneer® to suit your exact specifications, ensuring that each piece is perfectly tailored for its intended use. PlyVeneer® is known technically as a stressed-skin sandwich panel. It is made with a rugged fir core sandwiched between sheets of tough kraft linerboard. It is extremely strong yet lightweight, making it easy to handle and economical to ship. PlyVeneer is the only product of its’ kind manufactured in continuous lengths or to use a distention process. PlyVeneer can be routed, jig-cut, folded, punched, and printed.

Applications of PlyVeneer®

PlyVeneer® is incredibly versatile and can be used across multiple industries:

Industrial Shipping: Provides robust protection for heavy-duty industrial components.

Retail Packaging: Enhances the unboxing experience with custom-designed, lightweight protective packaging.

Furniture and Electronics: Ideal for safeguarding fragile items like electronics and furniture during transit.

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