PlyFoam™: Redefining Foam Panels with Enhanced Usability

PlyFoam™: Redefining Foam Panels with Enhanced Usability


PlyFoam™ embodies innovation in material technology, transforming ordinary foam into a versatile and robust panel suitable for multiple applications. By laminating expanded polystyrene with a Kraft Paper overlay, PlyFoam™ achieves an unmatched balance of lightness and strength, making it a superior choice for industries looking for cost-effective, durable, and easy-to-handle solutions.

Product Features

Enhanced Strength and Lightweight

PlyFoam™ offers the unique advantage of being both strong and lightweight, thanks to its core of expanded polystyrene and the stabilizing properties of the Kraft Paper overlay. This combination not only enhances the panel’s structural integrity but also maintains its lightness, making PlyFoam™ an excellent alternative to more cumbersome materials.

Easy to Customize

The construction of PlyFoam™ allows for easy cutting, gluing, and handling, simplifying fabrication and installation processes across various applications. This ease of use extends PlyFoam™’s versatility, making it particularly useful for projects requiring custom sizing and shaping.

Cost-Effective Solution

Compared to other panels in the market, PlyFoam™ is a cost-effective option that does not compromise on quality or performance. Its durability and low maintenance requirements provide long-term savings on replacement and repair costs.


Why Choose PlyFoam™?

Opting for PlyFoam™ panels provides several advantages:

Versatility: Suitable for everything from specialty packaging that requires cushioning to the construction of tradeshow walls and office partitions.

Lightweight Design: Eases the burden of transport and installation, which is especially beneficial in settings like recreational vehicles where weight reduction is crucial.

Enhanced Durability: Unlike traditional foam, the Kraft Paper overlay provides additional strength and resistance, extending the lifespan of the panels under various conditions.


Material: Expanded polystyrene laminated with Kraft Paper

Available Thicknesses: Multiple options to suit diverse project requirements

Applications: Ideal for specialty packaging, tradeshow wall systems, office partitions, and interior wall components in recreational vehicles

Customization Options

PlyFoam™ panels can be tailored to meet specific project needs, offering various thicknesses and dimensions. Whether you need a particular size for packaging solutions or custom cuts for building applications, PlyFoam™ can be adjusted to fulfill these requirements efficiently and effectively.

Applications of PlyFoam™

PlyFoam™ is incredibly adaptable and can be used in a variety of settings, including:

Specialty Packaging: Provides excellent cushioning inside corrugated boxes, ensuring the safety of shipped goods.

Tradeshow Wall Systems and Office Partitions: Offers a lightweight, sturdy solution for temporary or permanent division systems.

Recreational Vehicles: Ideal for constructing interior wall components that require both lightness and durability.

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