PlyVeneer® Corner Protection: Enhancing Product Integrity with Robust Edge Guards

PlyVeneer® Corner Protection: Enhancing Product Integrity with Robust Edge Guards


PlyVeneer® Edge Guards are crafted to offer superior protection for your products’ edges and surfaces, utilizing a robust combination of wood veneer and Kraft linerboard overlay. These guards are designed to outperform traditional corrugated and paper edge protectors, providing reliable strength under banding or strapping. Ideal for a variety of industries that require secure packaging solutions, PlyVeneer® Edge Guards ensure your products arrive in perfect condition, enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing the cost of damaged goods.

Product Features

Strong Wood Veneer Construction

The core of PlyVeneer® Edge Guards is made from durable wood veneer, providing a stronger and more protective barrier than typical corrugated or paper options. This material choice not only improves the structural integrity of the edge guards but also enhances their capacity to withstand significant pressure and prevent damage.

Kraft Linerboard Overlay

Each edge guard is covered with a high-quality Kraft linerboard overlay, adding an extra layer of strength and moisture resistance. This overlay ensures that the edge guards maintain their shape and protective qualities even under harsh conditions, making them suitable for long transport or storage periods.

Customizable V-Groove Design

PlyVeneer® Edge Guards can be customized with V-Grooves, a feature that makes them exceptionally effective at protecting against damage from banding or strapping. The V-Grooves allow the guards to conform closely to the contours of your products, providing a snug fit that enhances protection without compromising on ease of use.


Why Choose PlyVeneer® Edge Guards?

Choosing PlyVeneer® Edge Guards provides several advantages:

Enhanced Protection: Offers robust defense against impacts and compression, safeguarding your products’ edges from damage during shipping and handling.

Durability: Stronger than traditional materials, ensuring that the guards can be used multiple times, providing long-term value.

Moisture Resistance: The Kraft linerboard overlay protects against moisture, a critical feature for products susceptible to water damage.


Material: Wood veneer with Kraft linerboard overlay

Customization: Available with optional V-Grooves for enhanced protection

Applications: Ideal for use under banding or strapping in various industries including electronics, furniture, automotive, and more

Customization Options

PlyVeneer® Edge Guards are highly customizable to fit specific packaging needs. Whether you need different sizes to accommodate various product dimensions or customized V-Grooves to better protect against strapping, our team can tailor these edge guards to meet your exact requirements.

Applications of PlyVeneer® Edge Guard

PlyVeneer® Edge Guards are versatile and can be used across multiple sectors:

Electronics: Protects the delicate edges of electronic goods from impacts during transport.

Furniture: Ensures that corners and surfaces of furniture are safeguarded against scratches and dents.

Automotive: Provides robust protection for automotive parts that require stringent care during shipment.

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