PlyVeneer® Cheese Liners: Streamlining Packaging with Advanced V-Grooving

PlyVeneer® Cheese Liners: Streamlining Packaging with Advanced V-Grooving


Foldable PlyVeneer® utilizes advanced V-grooving technology to transform traditional packaging materials into flexible, lightweight solutions. Perfect for businesses seeking to minimize shipping costs without compromising on protection, Foldable PlyVeneer® offers a strong, adaptable alternative to heavier materials. Made from wood veneer with a Kraft linerboard overlay, it outperforms standard corrugated products and is lighter than plywood or OSB, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of shipping and packaging applications.

Product Features

Lightweight Yet Durable: PlyVeneer® Cheese Liners merge the inherent strength of wood veneer with the lightweight properties of Kraft linerboard, offering a packaging solution that is both manageable and extraordinarily durable. This combination ensures that cheese products are thoroughly protected during transit while also minimizing the overall shipping weight.

Versatile and Multi-Functional

PlyVeneer® Cheese Liners are not just for wrapping cheese; they can be adapted for various applications within the cheese production and retail sectors. Their flexibility allows for custom packaging solutions, ensuring that each cheese type is supported by packaging that caters specifically to its needs.

Benefits Why Choose PlyVeneer® Cheese Liners?

  • Cost Efficiency: Reduces shipping and handling costs by lowering the weight of packaging materials and optimizing space through their adaptable design.
  • Enhanced Protection: Offers superior protection against external contaminants and damage during shipping, ensuring cheeses arrive in pristine condition.
  • Value Saving: Significantly reduces the rate of cheese spoilage and deformation, decreasing the amount of cheese relegated to lower-value uses such as shredding. This preservation of cheese integrity directly enhances profitability.


  • Material: Wood veneer integrated with Kraft linerboard
  • Customization: Tailored to accommodate specific cheese shapes and sizes
  • Applications: Ideal for individual cheese wraps, large cheese block liners, and retail cheese packaging

Customization Options

PlyVeneer® Cheese Liners are highly adaptable to meet the specific packaging needs of various cheese types. Our team can customize the size, shape, and breathability to create specific packaging solutions that align precisely with your needs.

Applications of PlyVeneer® Cheese Liners

  • Commercial Cheese Production: Offers robust protection for large-scale cheese operations.
  • Retail Cheese Presentation: Enhances the value and shelf life of cheeses in retail environments.

Contact Our Team

Ready to enhance your cheese packaging strategy with PlyVeneer® Cheese Liners? Contact our team at PlyVeneer Products today to discover how our innovative cheese liners can reduce your operational costs and maximize the quality of your cheese. Our experts are ready to assist with product selection, customization, and practical advice to ensure you get the most out of your packaging investments.

Transform your cheese packaging with PlyVeneer® Cheese Liners—where strength meets flexibility and innovative preservation. At PlyVeneer, we are dedicated to providing solutions that drive efficiency, reduce costs, and uphold the highest standards of cheese quality and safety.